Last year I played this game a few times with my iPod. Basically, I select a word, type it into the search field in iTunes, and see what comes up. I thought I'd revive the game today. I felt like I needed God, so I checked to see what iTunes could offer.

"God", Outkast
"God is Real", India.Arie
"God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)", El Perro Del Mar
"God of Love", Alana Davis
"God Put A Smile Upon Your Face", Coldplay
"God's Small Song", Bonnie "Prince" Billy
"God's Highway", Tobias Froberg
"God's Dice", Pearl Jam
"Hey God", Randy Coleman
"I See God in You", India.Arie
"If God Will Send His Angels", U2
"In God's Country", U2
"Oh God, Where Are You Now?", Sufjan Stevens
"Teeth Like God's Shoeshine", Modest Mouse
"Thru God", Andrew Connor
"Touched by the Hand of God", New Order
"When the President Talks to God", Bright Eyes
"You're a God", Vertical Horizon

I'd be interested to know which God song in my collection you like best.


gail said...

"I see God in you" and "Oh God, where are you now?" are my favs.

beth said...

"God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" and
"Oh God, Where Are You Now?" are my favs. fun game, chris. :)