Lost Days

Well, I made it through one month of regular blog posting. But, as you can see I have slacked off this past week. Lots of reasons; the primary one being that I am sort of lazy.

I thought I would make up for some lost days and comment on several things at once.

1. I'm glad to hear Obama is running, but I worry about the new politics of style.
2. Picked up the new Of Montreal, Six Parts Seven, and Patty Griffin, as well as a few extra singles from Camera Obscura and El Perro Del Mar. I love eMusic!
3. Took a quick trip to KC recently. We had fun in the snow and we got to see our new nephew.
4. Check out these two ways to listen to and even download songs from a host of music blogs: one is on the web, the other you can download (Mac only).

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