Scrubs on Iraq

According to the schedule I established for myself at the beginning of the year, yesterday should have featured a post on politics. But, last night as I was watching Scrubs and considering what political thing I might mention in the blog, I realized I should just point to the episode of Scrubs I was watching (iTunes Music Store url). I had to wait until today to be able to link to the episode.

Part of description from NBC website (emphasis mine):

But when [Dr. Kelso] befriends patient, Private Brian Dancer (Michael Weston), the war stories he brings back from Iraq remind Kelso what it means to be a good leader. Meanwhile, Dancer's presence in the hospital causes a heated political debate amongst the staffers dividing them down party lines, while everyone is fighting the patient's well-being is being neglected.
Also, I decided Thursdays should be broadened to include more than politics. From here on out Thursdays will consider things political and cultural. What better way to make the transition than to note a television show dealing with politics?

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Matt said...

The highlighted portion of the quote that you provided makes me wonder what sort of things we all miss as we bicker about things?