This past week we celebrated growth.

Gail and I have been married for five years!  Unbelievable.  She is way too good for me.

Yesterday, the boys had there nine-month check-ups about a week early.  Oliver has closed the gap.  He's weighing in at a whopping 17 lbs. 6oz.  He's finally on the chart—the 6th percentile!  Alexander's growth has slowed a little, but he's still the bigger boy—18 lbs. (12th percentile).

[Note: For those of you who need a reminder.  Somebody's birthday is a week from today.  Gail is enjoying the last week of being 32.]

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Jen RN said...

The boys are PRECIOUS!!! I know you are proud. Thanks for sharing them with us. I always enjoy checking out your blog. Hope things are going well with you guys. Take care!